Explore the iconic plays from majors that have been immortalized with in-game graffitis

coldzera's graffiti on Mirage

MLG Major Columbus 2016

In the semifinals of MLG Major Columbus 2016, where Luminosity Gaming was up against Team Liquid, coldzera of Luminosity Gaming made an appearance that made him a part of CS:GO history. In the 25th round, coldzera spotted the entire enemy team heading down Apartments, towards the B Bombsite on Mirage. He gets the opening kill on adreN with his AWP, he then fires his AWP while jumping, killing both s1mple and EliGE with a single bullet, without even being scoped in, and ends his highlight by bringing down nitr0 with another noscope.

Achieved by coldzeraon Mirage

Other memorials

Learn about iconic moments from non-major events, that also have been permanently marked in-game

olofmeister's boost


olofmeister's boost

olofmeister and his Fnatic teammates executed a never-seen-before boost from CT-spawn. This allowed them to see most of the map, and execute opponents running towards the B Bombsite. After the incident Valve added a sign next to the spot where the boost happened, that prohibited bystanders in attempting to climb over the railings in German.

Achieved by olofmeister

on Overpass
friberg's Banana memorial


friberg and Banana

friberg has shown many times that the place for him to be and play, is on and around Banana on Inferno - so much he even got the nickname “King of Banana”. When Inferno got updated in 2016, a street sign was added saying “Via Adamo” which is Italian for “Adam Street” as a reference to his first name, Adam.

Achieved by friberg

on Inferno
Dosia's grenade memorial


Dosia's smart grenade

Another noticeable play on Inferno was made by Dosia. He went in and denied their survival by throwing a grenade towards the pit, making each player lose +50 HP, and therefore dying to the bomb explosion, making them lose their weapons and ruining the economy for Immortals. The poster reads “No, you cannot escape now”, in Italian.

Achieved by Dosia

on Inferno

What is in-game graffiti?

When the professionals are competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, once in a while moments occur way beyond the regular, you might even call them iconic and historical. These plays will affect the professional scene and the entire community for eternity, as it is not something that will just happen again. In some cases, Valve has decided to immortalize some of these once in a lifetime moments, with permanent graffiti or other signs of memorial on official maps, as to where it played out.

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