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What is the performance factor?

Last update: July 31th, 2020

Like any other team sport, all results and achievements depend on how a player performs individually and together with the team.

We knew that we would have some work to do in the actual scoring but that it would be good in the end

What is wrong with the rankings today?

It is not easy to value a player or a team in any sport. Many discussions in Counter-Strike is about whether CS:GO should be compared to sports such as tennis or soccer.

In tennis, you can play by yourself to become a top player in a short period of time without ever winning the biggest tournaments - simply by playing many smaller tournaments and collect enough points.

In soccer, the solution is way different than tennis. You as a team can’t go from the bottom to the top in a short period of time, because you need to play through many leagues to reach the top.

But how should we classify Counter-Strike?

What we believe

We think esport is different from traditional sports because we need to measure a player with several factors taken into consideration. It requires a new system, and we are just at the begging of this journal. In other words, we think Counter-Strike should be measured as a mix of tennis and soccer.

Performance factor vs. ranking?

In our world, there is a considerable difference between a ranking and our performance factor.

A ranking is mostly based on a player's performance as an individual, where the player collects points for their own skills in the game. To get this ranking improved, it also takes into consideration how huge the tournament is in terms of prize pool, prestige and so on - just like tennis.

In theory, you can on the ordinary ranking be the best player in the world without ever winning the final of a Major.

Our performance factor is based more on a team effort and not as much on individual performances. We care more about a team succeeding in the biggest and best tournaments, which is essential to our performance factor

By calculating the performance factor like that, no player can reach the top of our rankings in a short period of time - neither can a team. The performance factor is good, but it is not great...

What is the future for the performance factor?

We need YOUR opinion too! No one is better at scoring a player and team performance than the CS:GO community.

In the future, we will calculate the performance factor based on:

  • The player's individual performance
  • The team performance and effort
  • Results based on the difficulty of the tournament
  • Your opinion as a user

How is the performance factor calculated?

Below here you can see how we calculate a players performance factor:

For each match, each player receives the following value for:

Flash assist
First kill difference
2,500 / -2,500

The players will get points for:

Most kills
Most AWP kills
Most first kills
Most assist
Most damage

The player will get a bonus depending on the team result:

Match won
Won 2-0
Match lost
Lost 0-2

Special bonus depending on team results in a tournament:

Winner of group stage
Winner of round 3 (Swiss format)
Winner of round 4 (Swiss format)
Semifinal on 3 matches (Double elimination bracket)
Semifinal on 4 matches (Double elimination bracket)
Winner of 1v1 Standoff (Blast Pro Series special)