Biogragraphy of Christiaan "chrisJ" Willem

Chris “chrisJ” de Jong, born 25 May, 1990, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from the Netherlands, currently playing as rifler and AWPer for FunPlus Phoenix.

chrisJ is one of the veterans of the Counter-Strike scene. The beginning of his career goes way back to the early era of Counter-Strike (1.6). chrisJ was one of the first players from his country to sign a pro contract and is considered to be one of the esports pioneers over there.

The history of chrisJ

The dream of being a pro player started pretty much like everyone else’s. During his school days, chrisJ and his friends were so impatient to go home and play the brand new game that was presented to gamers all around the world. They fell in love with it, and soon enough it became a matter of pride among their little group – everyone was focused on winning as much as possible.

Competing with his friends soon became too easy, as chrisJ was dominating rounds without any effort. Everyone was able to notice that he was not playing against opponents of his own level of skill, and when the time came for him to level up, he did.

Member of CSPPA

chrisJ has climbed all his way to the top of the Counter-Strike scene and has for a long time been grinding to make a name for himself. That is also why he knows how hard it is for up and coming players to break through without the necessary help, which is why he is a member of CSPPA. This association helps all players - big and small. And chrisJ is very proud of being able to help all players alike to achieve a career in CS:GO.

chrisJ's career

People still nowadays react a little bit surprised when presented with video games as a professional choice. Imagine how it was back then when Counter-Strike was not as widely spread and popular as it is today. It took a lot of courage from chrisJ to pursue his dream and ignore his doubtful surroundings.

Over the years chrisJ has proven to be a solid player with good speed, accuracy and decision making. He is a loyal teammate who contributes to team success in any way he sees achievable. Some of the teams who had an honor of having him on their roster were ChillTeam, LowLandLions, Playing Ducks, PartyDaddlers and his current home – FunPlus Phoenix.

Fan factor

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chrisJ is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love. If you want to learn more about him, check out the videos.

chrisJ's most insane highlights

chrisJ kills 5 players in a round