Biogragraphy of Fernando "fer" Alvarenga

Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, born 30 Oct, 1991 is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Brazil, currently representing CurrentTeam as an entry fragger.

His story is unique and inspiring, as he went from nothing to something, to everything.

The history of fer

fer was born in Resende, a municipality in Rio de Janeiro where he lived with his parents and two brothers. They were often struggling financially since it was a really tough time for his parents to earn money in, due to a weak Brazilian economy at that time. His modest origins taught him not to expect anything for free in life, so he developed a really admiring work ethic in every area of his life, playing video games included.

When he started playing CS:GO he and his brother went on to sell gym supplements so they could have enough money to buy themselves proper equipment.

FalleN vs fer

Funny thing is that he hated his current teammate FalleN at first and the rest of his teammates back in the day. Every time they had played against each other he would try to knife him, just so he could make FalleN feel bad about himself.

fer’s rivalry with FalleN was the reason he rejected the initial offer from team MIBR, but his middle brother was able to convince him to change his mindset and realize how big of an opportunity that was.

Not so long after, FalleN and fer started to click together and became really good friends on and off the game.

fer's career

fer’s style of play is described as a little too aggressive, but that can actually be a good thing whenever other members need a slight push in order to win the round. He has quite the experience, as his former teams include names like Games Academy, Keyd Stars, Luminosity, SK and his current home – CurrentTeam.

The thing that fer values the most as a person is loyalty. He likes the people who stick with him until the very end of every situation that he gets in. Judging by the friendship and chemistry that he has with the rest of the team, and FalleN in particular, there are still so many good playing years ahead of this awesome player.

Fan factor

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fer is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love. If you want to learn more about him, check out the videos.

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