Biography of Jordan 'Hatz' Bajic

Jordan "Hatz" Bajic, born Jun 20, 1998, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Australia, currently playing as a rifler for Renegades.

Australia is slowly becoming known for being one of the countries with a lot of talented players in the Counter-Strike scene. Hatz is no exception, as he for a long time, has been grinding towards the top of the Australian Counter-Strike.

The History of Hatz

Hatz started playing professionally somewhere around 2016, where he since the start of his career has shown very promising results. Even before being a household name in Australia, he managed to time and time again, reach finals of several big tournaments in his domestic country.

This resulted in Hatz signing with at the time, signing with one of the biggest Australian esports organizations, Legacy.

The Start of Hatz' career

This was as mentioned at the start of his professional career back in 2016, he has since then switched between several teams in Australia, trying to establish himself as a consistent player and great teammate to have.

But it wasn't until 2018, where he signed with the Australian team "ORDER". ORDER was the first team where Hatz felt really comfortable on, and it showed on the team's results. They would win several tournaments back in Australia, including ESL AU & NZ Championship 8 and 9.

They also managed to qualify for some of the biggest tournaments in the world like ESL Pro League Season 8 and IEM Katowice 2018.

Hatz Signing With Renegades

This resume of results was achieved over a couple of years playing for ORDER, which opened the eyes up for other organizations, that resulted in him signing with the biggest Counter-Strike team in Australia, Renegades.

This happened at the start of 2020. Things are turning out to pay off, as Hatz has been working hard towards being one of the best in the world. And on a team like Renegades, he will get to showcase if he's got what it takes.

We cant wait to see the future of Hatz, as we hope he will shine bright on whatever team he plays on.

Hatz Playing vs. Athletico

Hatz Playing vs. Chiefs

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