Biogragraphy of Finn "karrigan" Andersen

Finn “karrigan” Andersen, born 14 Apr, 1990, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Denmark (German origins), currently playing as an in-game leader and rifler for FaZe.

The history of karrigan

While growing up karrigan experienced a lot of traveling due to the fact that his mother was German and his father was Danish. Visiting his grandparents was something he enjoyed because it meant he would get an opportunity to get all cozy and comfortable in the backseat of the car, watching the landscapes through the window.

That is one of the things karrigan loves the most about being a professional player – the fact that he gets to visit multiple countries and connect with the fans who support him all around the globe.

One of the players with education

From his early childhood, he was described as a very bright and intelligent young man who was able to overcome all the tasks that were put in front of him. He excelled in everything he did, from homework, school grades and competitions, to playing video games with his friends. It was obvious that he would find success in any area that he would put his time and effort into. Surprisingly, that happened to be Counter-Strike, even tough karrigan has formal education, being a holder of dual Master’s Degree in business administration and auditing from Copenhagen Business School.

karrigan's career

Given the fact that he was able to keep up with an elite level of competition for so many years, and that he is still doing so, it is safe to say that karrigan made a good choice. There are a lot of good years in front of this veteran, who will most definitely continue to put on amazing performances.

It would be impossible not to mention his impressive resume. Some of the teams that had an honor of having karrigan on their roster were fnatic, Playing Ducks, Reason, LeftoverZ, Copenhagen Wolves, Dignitas, SoloMid, Astralis, FaZe, Envy and his current home – FaZe.

Recent tournaments and matches

He has last played in CS_Summit 7, and he and his team ended on a 11-12th place. In his last three matches he has averaged 29 kills and 42 deaths. In these matches he have performed quite disappointing.
In his last match he had 34 kills, 13 assists and 63 deaths. Which puts him as the lowest performer on the team.

Fan factor

The fan factor is based on, popularity on social media, follows on eManager and viewers on streams.
karrigan is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love. If you want to learn more about him, check out the videos.

Upcoming tournaments

karrigan's next tournament is ESL Pro League Season 13. If they can pull through and win it all, it will mean a lot for the future of the organization.

Profile of karrigan