Biography of Haowen "somebody" Xu

All about CS:GO player somebody from TYLOO

Haowen “somebody” Xu, born Jul 3, 1995, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from China, currently playing as rifler (lurker) for TYLOO.

The history of somebody

The childhood of this young man did not seem to give a hint towards his gaming career. Unlike most of his friends, he was not involved in a lot of video games. He would rather play sports or just do something else.

It wasn’t until he started going to high school when he started to take gaming more seriously. At first, Counter-Strike was nothing more than a way to stay in touch with his friends. But, after a lot of hours playing together, somebody noticed he was getting better at it. It was easier for him to win rounds and his skills in the game started to evolve extremely fast.

Naturally, a lot of questions started to arise. He started wondering if he could do more with it? There were a lot of possibilities regarding his newly discovered talents. It was up to somebody to figure it out.

somebody's career

As he started to learn about the game, he went on to play against better opponents. Pushing himself became a part of his daily routine. His skills were growing, and so was his confidence. After dominating a local tournament, somebody promised himself he would not give up his opportunity to become a pro. Judging by the situation he is in now, his heart led him in the right direction.

Despite being a late bloomer, somebody managed to gain a lot of experience in a short amount of time and catch up with other players who started their journeys much earlier than him. There is a lot of potential for him if he stays loyal to the principles that got him to where he is now.

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