Biography of Jesse "zehN" Linjala

Jesse zehN Linjala, born Nov 7, 1991, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Finland, currently playing as a rifler for GODSENT.

The History of zehN

From the earliest days of his childhood, zehN was in love with video games, which was obvious to everyone who knew him. He was drawn into the world of Counter-Strike, and his passion only grew as time went by. The talent was visible from the very beginning, but hard work and countless hours dedicated to the game were the factors that separated zehN from the players he was surrounded with.

When talent and hard work are properly combined, skills flourish. Soon enough, zehN was way ahead of his highschool friends, so the only thing left to be done was to look for a bigger challenge. After switching to the higher levels of competition in CS:GO, zehN was getting positive feedback that his place was among the professionals – and from there, he decided to become one.

zehN’s CS:GO Experience

Regional tournaments were in the center of his attention for a while, where he got the chance to test himself against solid opponents. "Cringe Gods" was the name of his first serious CS:GO team, consisting of him and his Nordic colleagues – "rezex", "mOken", "draken" and "REZ". Although the team didn't have much success so far, it was a great starting point for zehN and the rest of his teammates.

During the following years of his career, he got signed by more respectable names like PENTA, Sprout, HAVU, NoChance, SMASH, and his current roster – GODSENT. These years of experience has solidified zehN as one of the finnish players in the Counter-Strike scene to watch out for.

The Future of zehN

zehN seems to feel pretty good within his current lineup, and it is a well-known fact that when in a good mood – he can do some amazing things. No one can tell what the future holds ahead, but if he continues to work hard and improve over the years, we can expect more excitement, more highlights, and more achievements from this Finnish gentleman.

Recent tournaments and matches

He has last played in ESL Pro League Season 12, and he and his team ended on a 15-16th place in Europe.

In his last three matches he has averaged 37 kills and 40 deaths. In these matches there’s room for improvement.

In his last match he had 39 kills, 8 assists and 31 deaths. Which puts him as the medium performer on the team.

Fan factor

The fan factor is based on, popularity on social media, follows on eManager and viewers on streams.

zehN is not the most popular player with a Fair fan factor. So click on his social media, support him and show him some love. If you want to learn more about him, check out the videos.


zehN vs. mousesports