Biography of AGF

AGF or Århus gymnastik forening translated to Århus gymnastics association is one of the oldest clubs in Denmark which its history and achievements show. The club was established in 1880 as a gymnastics union and added football in 1902, which makes the club one of the oldest in Denmark.

The Clubs's achievements

AGF holds the record for most consecutive seasons played in the best Danish league called the Superliga. This record is 68 successive seasons, a record every club would be proud to hold. In addition to that impressive record, AGF has also won the Superliga 5 times, and the danish cup 9 times.

AGF enters the world of esport

In 2018 AGF was announced into the esport version of the Superliga. With a partnership between them and the software company Systematic, AGF wanted to create the best possible team with both experienced players and sprouting new talents. These players were Lars “PrimoTurbo” Korreborg and Tamer taser. AGF started their eSuperliga career with an impressive season where they won a joint 3rd place with FCK. ever since their first season, they haven't impressed the crowds nor themselves. AGF has missed out on the finals in the second, third and fourth season. This of course calls for a change in the squad and with the recruitment of young talented players, they may achieve better results in the seasons to come. 

AGF Moving Forward

With the ongoing recruitment of new talents, AGF will seek to win their first season championship and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.