Biography of compLexity

Founded in 2003, compLexity Gaming, also known as compLexity, is one of the pioneers of esports. During their long run of existence, they have won many trophies in many areas of esports – FIFA, DOTA 2, Fortnite, Hearthstone, EA Madden and CS:GO.

The history of compLexity

The rise of compLexity started in 2005, where they won the S-Tier tournament- ESWC 2005, getting the first championship since being founded.

In the next year, compLexity managed to win 3 tournaments – GGL/ClanBase Trans-Atlantic Showdown, CPL summer 2006 and Championship Gaming Invitational 2006, and they came up short in the finals of WEG Masters 2006.

compLexity's 3-year down period

compLexity was not as active as before in 2007, but they managed to capture two tournaments, Stride Xfire Cup and GGS 2007 Individual Tournament. After what could be considered as one of their best periods, compLexity slowed down significantly, making a 3-year streak without winning a championship.

compLexity winning IEM

In the year of compLexity's return, they captured a much-needed championship in IEM V American Championship Finals.

compLexity went on to make another 3-year period with no major wins and then seized the 4th place in DreamHack Winter 2013.

compLexity in 2018

Fast forward to 2018, compLexity has shown signs of life once again. After half a decade of being away from the big boy's stage, they succeeded at winning Americas Minor Championship – London.

compLexity moving forward

By the end of 2019 compLexity finds themselves with a roster stacked with talent and potential to be more than the guys who just upset the favorites of big tournaments once in a while.

2020 is looking to be the year compLexity finally becomes a world-beater, and finally, reach the top of the rankings.

For the fans who had been following and loving this game from the very start, there could not be a more pleasant experience than to see compLexity rise again to be a part of the regular CS:GO scene.

compLexity roster

Introducing the players

IEM Katowice Qualifier 2020

compLexity highlights