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CS:GO Team Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames was founded in August 2016 by our current co-owner & CEO, Steffen Thomsen. With the launch announcement of Overwatch, he saw an opportunity to quickly establish a strong foothold on the Danish esport scene by signing and managing the best domestic Overwatch squad and build from there.

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Country Denmark

Team form


Best plays and highlights

Best plays and highlights

Welcome home, refrezh and HooXi

Welcome home, refrezh and HooXi


When does Copenhagen Flames play again?

Today at 9:00am against Sinners in Pinnacle Cup 2021.

Which country is Copenhagen Flames from?

Copenhagen Flames is a CS:GO team from Denmark and all their players are from Denmark as well

What is Copenhagen Flames’s Twitter?

Copenhagen Flames’s official Twitter profile is @CPHFlames.

Who plays for Copenhagen Flames?

Copenhagen Flames consist of 5 players: AcilioN, Nodios, maNkz, jabbi & nicoodoz.