CS:GO Team MAD Lions

MAD Lions is a Spanish organization, represented in multiple esports titles. The 2 most well-known games that they are represented in are League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. MAD Lions was founded back in 2017, and have since then been in a building phase trying to reach the pinnacle of competitive esports.

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MAD Lions country Denmark

Founded in 2017

Team form


Best moments - MAD Lions vs. ENCE

BLAST Premier Spring 2020

Best moments - MAD Lions vs. Dignitas

BLAST Premier Spring 2020


When does MAD Lions play again?

No official dates are published yet on their upcoming matches or tournaments, but please create a user and follow the team you like.

Who is the coach for MAD Lions?

Luis 'peacemaker' Tadeu is the coach for MAD Lions.

Which country is MAD Lions from?

MAD Lions is a CS:GO team from Denmark but their team consists of players from Denmark, Poland and Brazil.

What is MAD Lions’s Twitter?

MAD Lions’s official Twitter profile is @MADLions_CSEN.

Who plays for MAD Lions?

MAD Lions consist of 5 players: acoR, AcilioN, sjuush, roeJ and innocent.