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CS:GO Team Renegades

Renegades is a professional esports organization from Australia which started back in 2015 under the name “Misfits”.

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Country Australia

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When does Renegades play again?

No official dates are published yet on their upcoming matches or tournaments, but please create a user and follow the team you like.

Who is the coach for Renegades?

Torbjørn 'mithR' Nyborg is the coach for Renegades.

Which country is Renegades from?

Renegades is a CS:GO team from Australia but their team consists of players from New Zealand, Australia and Denmark

What is Renegades’s Twitter?

Renegades’s official Twitter profile is @renegades.

Who plays for Renegades?

Renegades consist of 5 players: Sico, dexter, malta, INS & Hatz.