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BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 Completed

Recap of CS:GO tournament BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019

FaZe the team from United States was the winner of the latest BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 inMiami, Apr 12, with a prize pool of a massive $250,000.

The final game between FaZe and Liquid (United States) ended in a big victory to FaZe 2-0, and secured the first place prize of $125,000.

The tournament was located in Miami and was represented locally by 3 teams and 6 players. FaZe had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 1st place.

BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 logo Total prize pool $250,000

What happened in BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019

The Blast Pro Series Miami 2019 was a tournament full of surprises. During the two-day event, fans would come to experience some unexpected wins, losses, and fantastic individual performances from various players.

Astralis were the clear favorites among the 6 invited teams. Fans also expected Liquid to give their dominant rivals a run for their money to end their trophy drought.

The Group Stage begins!

In the group stage, teams were to face each other in BO1 matches with no overtime. The top two teams would then face each other in the grand final. Besides that, the team on the third position would have to select one of the three eliminated teams and play against them in the BLAST Pro Standoff match.

An underdog wins

Liquid would surprisingly take the top spot by winning all their five matches. On the second spot, was FaZe, who in the first day ended up losing one game against Liquid, and drawing the other one against MIBR. However, on the second day, FaZe showed their hunger to succeed by winning their remaining matches.

Astralis, who were the clear favorites for this tournament, lost three of their matches and won two. Hence, they fell in fourth place.

Blast Pro standoff

The pro standoff was a fight between MIBR and Cloud9. It was yet another entertaining match, where Cloud9 started on the bright side. MIBR, however, picked up the pace and won the remaining rounds. They won 4-1 and took home $20,000 USD in bonus prize money.

The Grand Final

At the grand final, everything was on the side of Liquid. They came into the match confident, but FaZe were not willing to go down easy this time. FaZe outclassed them by displaying excellent teamwork; hence, beating them 2-0, and winning the $125,000 USD in prize money.

MVP of the tournament

Besides that, FaZe also produced the MVP of the tournament, NiKo, who won his fifth MVP award after a dominant performance throughout the whole event.