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BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 Completed

BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019

Sep 13, 2019Sep 14, 2019

BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 is the next tournament in Counter-Strike coming up. This event will be home to some of the best teams in the CIS region and some from the rest of the world, which should be very exciting for the Russian people attending the event live in person.

Six teams are competing for a total prize pool of $250,000 USD. Five of the teams are some of the best in the world, while 2 local teams are competing for the last spot a few hours before the main tournament.

This time Pro Series will be played without Astralis – which makes room for an unexpected tournament. The six teams competing are NAVI, forZe, AVANGAR, NiP, MIBR, and ENCE.

Besides the prize pool, the teams are also competing for the BLAST Pro trophy!



VTB Arena, Moscow


BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 is being held in Russia Russia

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

s1mple and electronic will be 2 of the best players participating at BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019, due to their raw aim, and great understanding of the game. They have both shown in 2019 that they are some of the best players out there, and with the home crowd advantage we are sure they will deliver.

suNny is gonna play his first tournament back on ENCE, which is why we expect him to show why he was signed to the team once again. He has a calmness in tough situations that makes him very deadly, so watch out for him!

Another player who is gonna play in front of his own people is Jame. Coming off the major with a 2nd place, Jame and his team are looking for redemption. We have seen how good he is with the AWP in big tournaments, and we expect him to do great things at this event.

Last on our list we have Plopski, a young but also extremely talented player with a mission to win it all. He has already proven himself to be one of the best players on his team and in the world lately, and we think he will continue his streak of good performances here in the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019.

Tournament format

Group Stage

  • The group stage will use the Round-Robin format
  • The 2 best teams will compete in the final
  • All matches are BO1


  • The team finishing in 3rd place chooses their opponent from the remaining teams who finish below them
  • This is a special match where one player from each team compete against one another
  • Every time a player gets killed, the next player from the team will take over
  • The winning team takes home a $20,000 USD bonus prize

The final is a BO3 match