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BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 Completed

Recap of CS:GO tournament BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

Astralis the team from Denmark was the winner of the latest BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 inSão Paulo, Mar 22, with a prize pool of a massive $250,000.

The final game between Astralis and Liquid (United States) ended in a victory to Astralis 2-1, and secured the first place prize of $125,000.

The tournament was located in São Paulo and was represented locally by 1 team and 5 players. MIBR had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 6th place.

BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 logo Total prize pool $250,000

What happened in BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

The Blast Pro Series is a fantastic event for both CS:GO fans and players worldwide. And this time around, the city of Sao Paulo would welcome 6 of the best teams, to compete for a prize pool of $250,000 USD, and the BLAST Pro trophy.

Each team would have to face each other in the group stage in a BO1 match. The top 2 teams would then face each other in the grand final, whereas the team on the 3rd spot would choose any of the teams below them for the pro standoff match.

The event was a blast!

Going into the competition, the defending champions, Astralis, had the upper hand against most teams given their winning records in 2018. Liquid was also looking forward to breaking their unending curse of losing different championships against Astralis in the previous year.

The Group Stage

In the group stage, Astralis continued to display their dominance by winning all of their five matches to secure the top and grand final spot. Liquid, on the other hand, was keen to secure their grand final spot by winning 3 matches, losing one, and drawing the other. MIBR lost all their matches but still got their opportunity to win the $20,000 USD bonus prize at the BLAST pro standoff match after ENCE, who was the 3rd placed team chose them as their opponents.

BLAST Pro Standoff

At the pro standoff, ENCE was overwhelming for the Brazilians in 1v1 aim duels. ENCE pocketed the $20,000 set aside for the winner of this match, in addition to the $25, 000 they won after securing the 3rd place.

In the finals, Liquid was looking forward to avenging their previous defeats to Astralis. They started the match on a high by winning on the first map, Dust 2. However, on the second map, Inferno, Astralis were quite ruthless and ended up beating them, 16-8. On the final map, Overpass, Liquid had no chance to win as Astralis dominated the map right from the start.

Winning in São Paulo

Astralis clinched their first trophy of the year by beating Liquid 2-1. dev1ce, from Astralis too, won his 13th MVP award, with an average of 1.35 rating in almost all categories.