Cobx Masters

Cobx Masters is one of the very first esports organizers in India. It has hosted a couple of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. The esports scene in India is gaining a lot of popularity due to Cobx Masters and their unique style of hosting events.

Cobx Masters launched with the goal of increasing the popularity of esports in South Asain countries. With the launch of Cobx Masters, people are now more accepting towards the esports culture. This can be seen especially in parents who previously didn’t allow their kids to participate in these types of events but they saw the events hosted by Cobx Masters and seeing how popular it was, together with a dashing prize pool, they now accepted their children wanting to participate in these types of events.

Cobx Masters is constantly growing, making their events bigger and better every year. As a result, it has been getting a lot of new fan-based popularity and there is a hype whenever a new Cobx Masters tournament is announced.