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CS_Summit 4

May 23, 2019May 27, 2019

Not one of the most prestigious tournaments, but certainly one of the best ones in terms of atmosphere and entertainment, cs_summit will host their 4th tournament soon.

CS_Summit 4 is always a ton of fun, with players, commentators and guests delivering a special kind of entertainment, as they all live in close quarters. This delivers a friendly and fun experience for the fans of CS:GO, which never fails to entertain viewers.

Cause of that, they always attract the biggest and best teams, which this time includes Liquid, ENCE, NRG, Renegades, Vitality, and ENCE. All these teams will be competing against each other for the CS_Summit 4 trophies, and their share of the $150,000 USD prize pool.

Vitality logoVitalityWinner


Summit Studio, Los Angeles


CS_Summit 4 is being held in United States United States

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in CS_Summit 4 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

Despite being on Vitality for only half a year, ZywOo has shown he has what it takes to become one of the best players in the world. And in an environment without as much pressure such as CS_Summit 4, we might witness an MVP performance from him.

Both NAF and EliGE has shown that their team wants to make 2019 their year, these 2 players will come into this tournament guns blazing. They both usually play very well, and this tournament should be no exception.

CeRq was before his time on NRG not a very well-known name in the Counter-Strike scene but has quickly made a name for himself as a very skilled and versatile AWPer. He will have to be on point of his team wants to succeed.

On a team with CeRq is Brehze, a very talented player from north America. This talent is needed if he wants to win the CS_Summit 4 trophy, which is why we think he will be a player to watch out for.

Watch out for these players at the CS_Summit 4!

Tournament format

Here is how the tournament is held. The format of CS_Summit 4 has a “group stage”, “playoffs”, and a final:

Group stage

  • The tournament uses the Round-Robin format
  • All teams play each other twice
  • All matches are BO1
  • The 4 best teams advance to the playoffs


  • The 4 remaining teams play according to the format “Single-elimination bracket”
  • All matches are BO3

The final is a BO3 match