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Dreamhack Open March 2021 Completed

Dreamhack Open March 2021

Mar 10, 2021Mar 15, 2021

Dreamhack Open March 2021 is a tournament places in two regions, North- and South America. In North America 8 teams will be attending and in South America 4 teams will be attending.

Because of the pandemic it is divided in these two regions with a combined prize pool of $100,000, 70,000 in North and 30,000 in South.

It will be five days packed with action so stay tuned!

Extra Salt logoExtra SaltWinner of North America




Dreamhack Open March 2021 is being held in World World

Prize pool


Tournament format

North America

Group Stage:

  • Two double-elimination format Groups
  • Each group has 4 teams
  • All matches are Bo3
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs


  • Single-Elimination bracket
  • Semifinals are Bo3
  • Grand Final is Bo5

South America


  • Double-Elimination bracket
  •   All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3  
  •   Grand Final is Bo5 (1 map advantage to the UB team)