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Recap of CS:GO tournament EPICENTER 2019

Vitality the team from France was the winner of the latest EPICENTER 2019 inMoscow, Dec 17, with a prize pool of a massive $500,000.

The final game between Vitality and mousesports (Germany) ended in a victory to Vitality 2-1, and secured the first place prize of $250,000.

The tournament was located in Moscow and was represented locally by 2 teams and 9 players. forZe had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 5-6th place.

EPICENTER 2019 logo Total prize pool $500,000

What happened in EPICENTER 2019

The Epicenter 2019 event was the last big event of the year. Fans expected to experience an exciting six-day competition in Moscow as the favorites, mousesports, were getting ready to secure their fourth consecutive victory in a row.

The Group Stage Begins

In the group stage, Vitality secured an early top placement in the group after winning both of their first matches against EHOME and NAVI. NAVI came in at second, followed by Heroic. Group B also presented a fair share of competition as mousesports kept their hopes of winning the title by winning their first two games. forZe came in at second, while Evil Geniuses came in at third.

ZywOo Dominates the Playoffs

Going into the playoffs, it was Vitality who dominated Heroic 2-0 in the semifinal fixture. In the second semifinal match, mousesports continued to display their dominance over Evil Geniuses by demolishing them, 2-0. It was an action-packed match where Evil Geniuses were doing everything possible to beat their opponents down. But mousesports bounced back to take the lead every time they did so.

The grand final was a hotly contested match as both Vitality and mousesports looked forward to closing the year in style. Of course, Vitality had new players in their lineup, but this was no excuse for losing the match. They started with a 5-1 lead on the first map, Inferno. mousesports remained vigilant even when they were on the losing side. They had several instances where they held on, which led them to win in th first map.

A Winner is Crowned

Regardless of their efforts to keep Vitality from winning, mousesports lost in the next two maps. The match ended 2-1, as Vitality’s dream to win their first title with the new lineup was fulfilled. ZywOo, from Vitality, also earned the fifth MVP award of his career. He averaged a 1.53 tournament rating, which at the time was the fourth-highest in the history of the game.