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ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019 Completed

ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019

Jan 8, 2019Jan 9, 2019

Being seen as a proving ground for up and coming teams, ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019 is back once again. 16 talented teams will go head to head in a battle for glory, and a chance to compete at the next years MDL Season 30.

Some of the teams competing at this event will be Vitality, Tricked, Spirit, Valiance and many many more…

All these European teams want to prove they have what it takes to become a top 10 team in the world, which means us fans will have a ton of exciting matches in the coming week. So get ready!



Online matches, Europe


ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019 is being held in Europe Europe

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

On our list of players to watch out for at this tournament, first up we have ZywOo from Vitality. Being hyped up in the French scene as the next big thing, ZywOo will go into this tournament still fairly new to the competitive scene. But we can’t wait to see if he lives up to the expectations.

Another extremely talented player is Plopski from x6tence Galaxy. The Swedish CS:GO scene keeps creating talented players, and Plopski is no exception. He has a raw aim and mindset able to compete with the very best players in the world, and will definitely be a player to watch out for.

EspiranTo from Valiance is another player to watch out for, always dangerous due to his insane skills in the game. EspiranTo always has the ability to reach a level where his opponents can’t keep up with him, which we think he will reach here at the ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe 2019

Coming into the tournament as one of the most experienced players, znajder is a very skilled pistol player, and plays a vital role in every team he has been on so far. So watch out for him!

Last up we have b0RUP from Tricked. This young man keeps improving every tournament he plays, and we expect him to perform very well at this event.

Tournament format

The tournament starts directly with Playoffs


  • The teams will play according to the format Double-Elimination Bracket
  • All matches are BO3
  • The 6 best teams qualify for ESEA MDL Season 30