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ESL One New York 2019 Completed

Recap of CS:GO tournament ESL One New York 2019

Evil Geniuses the team from United States was the winner of the latest ESL One New York 2019 inNew York City, Sep 26, with a prize pool of a massive $200,000.

The final game between Evil Geniuses and Astralis (Denmark) ended in a victory to Evil Geniuses 3-1, and secured the first place prize of $100,000.

The tournament was located in New York City and was represented locally by 5 teams and 10 players. Evil Geniuses had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 1st place.

ESL One New York 2019 logo Total prize pool $200,000

What happened in ESL One New York 2019

The year 2019 featured one of the most exciting tournaments ESL has ever held. The ESL New York 2019 event, where the best teams from all around the globe fought to have a share of the $200,000 USD prize pool, together with the acclaimed ESL trophy.

Can the favorites win it all?

After a lackluster major for Liquid, a significant number of people in the community started doubting them to be the best team in North America and the world. So this event was a chance for Liquid to show everyone what made them dominate the majority of tournaments in 2019

The tournament starts

ESL One New York 2019 was exciting right from the start. Many thrilling and exciting moments made the group stage quite enjoyable as Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses excelled and remained dominant at the start along with G2 and Astralis.

Evil Geniuses was clearly one of the fan-favorite teams, as they played in front of a home crowd that hoped for a North American team to win it all. Luckily for the fans, they kept on winning and remained undefeated throughout the early stages of the tournament. On the other side of the bracket, Astralis was struggling to win games convincingly, but their experience and calmness made them win several games by a small margin.

Unexpected results

The semi finals were up next, where the so-called No.1 team in North America, Liquid, faced the fury of the Astralis and failed deliver against one of their biggest rival of 2019, as they lost 2-1. Therefore, Astralis secured yet another grand final. On the other hand, it was always comfortable for Evil Geniuses, and they quickly found themselves in the grand final, after having momentum throughout the whole tournament

A Grand Final for the ages!

The Final was as thrilling as it could be, the fans were clinging to the edge of their seats. Evil Geniuses destroyed Astralis in the first map (Inferno), with an impressive score of 16-3. Astralis failed yet again on the next map (Dust 2) with a score of 16-12. Astralis came back and pulled through with a score of 20-22 on Train. But it was never easy for Astralis to keep up with their opponents through the whole final. Ethan and Brehze from Evil Geniuses were phenomenal as ever, as a result, Evil Geniuses shut down Astralis with an impressive 16-8 win.

A winner is crowned

This meant that Evil Geniuses was the champions of ESL One New York 2019, and was the first big victory for the organization after coming back to Counter-Strike since 2011. Brehze was shortly after named the MVP of ESL One New York 2019, and was overall a great showing for the North American team.