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ESL One Rio 2020 Upcoming

ESL One Rio 2020

Starting Aug 1, 2021 at 9:00am

The hype about the Rio 2020 major hasn't been for nothing. It would have been a tournament, we would talk about for years to come. Sadly due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been postponed beyond saving. Therefore, it is final that ESL One Rio 2020 is cancelled for good. We here at eManager, are very unfortunate to bring these news, but the safety of humanity will always come first. We are looking forward to when it's possible to have these events once again, but for now we will have to cherish the moments we already have.

ESL One Rio 2020 is the 16th major tournament. 24 teams will compete for the massive prize pool of 2,000,000 USD. Teams will qualify from 6 different regions - North America, South America, Europe, CIS, Asia, and Oceania.

This is the biggest tournament of the year, so every team really want to show off their skills. This is something you don't want to miss.

ESL One Rio 2020 logo


Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro


ESL One Rio 2020 is being held in Brazil Brazil

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in ESL One Rio 2020 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

s1mple and electronic are on a really hot streak right now with NAVI, winning almost every game they play. In the last 3 months, they have a win rate of almost 75%.

Device and Magisk are the two KEY players of Astralis, and when Astralis are playing at their peak, it is often these 2 players who are really stepping it up and are really performing out of this world.

jkaem are one of the players from 100 Thieves who can really make a difference if 100 Thieves make a run in this tournament.

Tournament format

(Group Stage)

16 Team Swiss System Format

- Elimination and Advancement matches are Bo3

- All other matches are Bo1

- Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage

- Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated

The New Champions Stage: (Playoffs)

- Single-Elimination bracket

- Quarterfinals & Semifinals are Bo3

Grand Final is Bo3