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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Completed

Recap of CS:GO tournament StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Astralis the team from Denmark was the winner of the latest StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 inBerlin, Aug 28, with a prize pool of a massive $1,000,000.

The final game between Astralis and AVANGAR (Kazakhstan) ended in a big victory to Astralis 2-0, and secured the first place prize of $500,000.

The tournament was located in Berlin and was represented locally by 1 team and 0 players. mousesports had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 9-11th place.

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 logo Total prize pool $1,000,000

What happened in StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 was one of the best and biggest tournaments in 2019. The S-tier tournament took place in two venues and attracted fans and 24 teams from around the world.

Favorite teams to win it all

And as CS:GO fans went into the tournament, everyone expected Liquid to win since they had been dominant in all competitions within the year. However, this time around, it was not easy as Astralis were willing to do anything to end their trophy drought and dethrone Liquid from the top spot in the world rankings.

The 15-day event included three stages, the new challenger’s stage, the new legends stage, and the new champions stage (or the playoffs). Where the 8 best teams from the new legends stage would proceed to the champions stage.

A rough start

It was quite a disappointing start for Astralis as they ended up in 3rd place behind ENCE and NRG in the Legends stage. Liquid also came in as the 6th best-placed team in the group stage, which was unexpected for a team of its class.

The Playoffs begin!

The champion stage, again, was yet another entertaining phase of this tournament. In the quarterfinals, Astralis displayed a formidable performance against Liquid by beating them 2-0, on the maps Vertigo, and Overpass. The map pick Vertigo was a huge surprise for everyone, and especially Liquid wasn’t ready for this map, as they didn’t think Astralis had practiced it at all.

AVANGAR also won their quarterfinal match, 2-1, against Vitality. Both AVANGAR and Astralis proceeded to the grand final after winning their respective semifinal matches against Renegades and NRG.

The Berlin major final

In the final, AVANGAR knew that Astralis were a difficult team to beat, given that this was their first grand final in a major tournament, and Astralis had shown that they reach new heights every time they play a major. However, the underdogs made a few comebacks with the help of AdreN. But despite fighting till the end AVANGAR were no match for the Danes. The final ended in Astralis’ favor, making it their third major victory in a row. dev1ce, who proved to be instrumental in Astralis triumph, took home his second MVP in a major event and averaging a 1.71 rating throughout the competition.