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StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 Completed

StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019

Aug 23, 2019Aug 26, 2019

One of, if not the biggest event of the year is about to take place in Berlin. The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 is the tournament every dream in the world dreams of winning, let alone participate in. This is why the StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 will be very exciting to watch.

Despite only being a qualifier for the major itself, this “New Challenger Stage” will be one of the most competitive group of teams we have ever seen at a major qualifier in Counter-Strike.

16 of the world's best teams will participate in the StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019, including North, Vitality, AVANGAR, FURIA, G2, mousesports, NRG and many more of the most exciting teams out there.

So get ready, as every competitor will try to earn a spot in StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 - for their chance to win the acclaimed major title.

North logoNorthWinner


Verti Music Hall, Berlin


StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 is being held in Germany Germany

Prize pool

8 spots

Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

Teams will soon have a lot to worry about, as they have to face tarik and CeRq in a qualifier. These 2 players will come to put every other team on notice, as they are here to win the whole thing.

RpK and NBK- has steadily been improving on Vitality. They have a ton of experience, which is also why they most likely will be well prepared, due to the number of teams they will face at the StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019. So watch out for these guys!

Another French player, and the last guy on our list of players to watch out for. shox is also one of the most skilled players in this qualifier. shox has the ability to play at a very high level in tournaments such as this, so we expect him to dominate his opponents in spectacular fashion.

Tournament format

Group Stage Qualifier (The New Challengers Stage)

  • 16 teams play according to the SWISS System
  • Elimination and Advancement matches are BO3
  • All other matches are BO1
  • Top 8 teams will advance to the Group Stage of the StarLadder Berling Major 2019