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StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 Completed

Recap of CS:GO tournament StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019

North the team from Denmark was the winner of the latest StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 inBerlin, Aug 23, with a prize pool of a massive 8 spots.

The final game between North and CR4ZY (Croatia) ended in a victory to North 2-1, and secured the first place prize of {{prizeDescription}}.

The tournament was located in Berlin and was represented locally by 1 team and 0 players. mousesports had home court advantage through the whole tournament, and ended as 1-2nd place.

StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019 logo Total prize pool 8 spots

What happened in StarLadder Berlin Qualifier 2019

The biggest Counter-Strike tournament will always be the Major Championship sponsored by Valve. And this time StarLadder had the honor of hosting this incredible event. This massive tournament featured 16 teams from all around the globe, competing to win a big share of the massive prize pool of $1,000,000 USD, but more importantly the Major trophy. It was the first time for StarLadder to host the Major Championship, and they did not let anyone down.

The StarLadder Berlin Qualifier Begins!

First up was The Challenger stage which is the main qualifier for the group stage of the tournament. This featured some remarkable and stunning matches. It was crazy to see the dominating performance of mousesports against FURIA that fell short in the challenger stage with an underwhelming 1-3 score.

Many would have thought that Vitality would go through the qualifier with a 3-0 sweep. But the tournament was as unexpected as ever, the favorite team Vitality faltered early in the challenger stage, and other favorites underperformed as well. Considering these facts, the challenger stage was extremely unpredictable in terms of who would go through to the Legends stage (group stage).

The Favorites Secure Advancement

It was relatively easy for mousesports and North to flex their way through the first stage of the tournament. CR4ZY, INTZ, and Syman, all struggled against the impressive and rejuvenated North. It was as mentioned a well-playing Mousesportsl, that also defeated all of their competitors, including G2, and secured their place in the top 8.

All Teams faced ups and downs throughout the tournament, despite G2’s loss against mousesports, they were still quite sharp considering the individual performances kennyS showed.

The Last Major Spots

Vitality struggled throughout the tournament. However, they still made it to the next stage with a narrow win over Grayhound, and it was all possible due to their key player ZywOo. DreamEaters, the unknown from Russia made an excellent performance against its fellow Russian team forZe in the Challenger Stage. They shocked the world of Counter-Strike with narrow and tight wins over Vitality and NRG.

Overall, the challenger stage was great entertainment for the fans featuring some great moments.