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FIFA Dictionary

Last update: July 31th, 2020


Like any other game, does FIFA has terms and expressions you will run into when watching this lovely game.

Some expressions are precise as in Football, and some are totally different. At the same time, some of them are a mix of the two worlds.

We have collected the most frequent expressions with explanations and descriptions below to help understand the game better.

Expressions/terms with explanations

6-yard box

The 6-yard box is the small box inside the penalty area.

Additional time

Additional time is time that is added on after the first and second half of the 45 minutes is played. The additional time is determined after how many times the game has been stopped, for example for a substitution or an injury.


An advantage is a chance given to the attacking team when the defending team commits a foul, while the attacking team has a goal chance or is in a counter-attack. If the team loses the ball seconds after the advantage gets cancelled and the attacking team gets a free kick.

Aggregate (away goals)

Aggregate scores is the sum of the matches played between two sides. Let's say the first out of two matches end 1-1 and the second 1-0, then the team that scored two goals wins on aggregate because the sum of the results is 2-1. Should the two matches end 3-1 and the other 0-2 the team that scores one away goal wins on aggregate because of the away goal rule. The away goal rule was introduced so the two matches would be determined more often.


An assist is when you pass the ball to the goalscorer. This means that you created the chance for the player who scored. You assisted the goalscorer by passing to him.


A best of 1 or BO1 for short, means that only 1 game of FIFA will be played in a match. A BO1 is often used in the first part of a tournament, which is the group stage.


A best of 2 or BO2 for short, means that 2 games of FIFA will be played in a match. A BO2 is often used in FIFA leagues that have a regular season, such as the eSuperliga. As well as being used in the knockout stage of a tournament.


A best of 3 or BO3 for short, means that 3 games of FIFA will be played in a match. A BO3 is often used in the Grand final of a tournament, to determine the outcome of a match in the best possible way.


A celebration is an action a player makes after scoring a goal. A celebration comes in many forms, some players have a signature celebration and others just enjoy the moments and let their feelings loose.


Chemistry is an important factor of FUT it determines how well the players you have chosen performs. A player can receive up to 10 chemistry points if 10 chemistry is achieved the player will perform at their highest potential. A player receives chemistry by playing at their favored position and when the players are partnered with players either from the same league or country.


A corner is given when the ball falls out of bounce on the backline. A corner kick is taken in the connection between the backline and the sideline. A corner often leads to a dangerous scoring opportunity or a counter attack.

Counter attack

A counter attack occurs when a team is building up to scoring a goal and the opposition intercepts the ball leading the attacking team vulnerable in their defence. Many teams exploit the weak opposition and score their goals this way.

Custom Formation

A custom formation is formations you create yourself. For example, an unusual formation where you have 7 attackers, 2 midfielders and 1 defender. 1-2-7.

Custom tactics

In FIFA FUT you have the opportunity and ability to change everything from formation to players. This feature keeps getting improved for eksempel you now have the ability to make custom tactics that fit your personal style, you can reposition players and give them instructions, let's say you score a goal and have to defend your 1-0 lead then you can give your players instructions to stay back and defend.


A cross is a pass you do when you are in a counter-attack. When you cross the ball, you pass the ball to your teammate inside the opposing team’s box to create a goal chance. A cross can be lofted or on the ground.


In FUT the players do not have unlimited energy, they have a bar that shows their energy. This bar goes up to a hundred and goes down approximately 4-8 points down depending on the stamina of the player. When a player has low fitness they perform a lot worse than their potential and gets tired very fast.


A formation is how the players position themselves on the pitch, depending on their position. For example, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers. You would write that as 4-3-3.


A freekick is when a player makes a tackle that does not connect with the ball, this is called a foul and results in a freekick.


FUT is an abbreviation for FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT is the most popular game mode in FIFA.


A goal in FIFA occurs when a player from a team shoots the ball into the opposition's goal. A goal is officially a goal when the ball surpasses the goalkeeper and is shot over the goal line.

Goal Kick

When the ball gets out of play, behind the goal, after an attacking player touches the ball in the defending team’s area, the goalkeeper gets a goal kick inside the 6-yard box inside the penalty area. The goal kick is used to restart the game.

Half time

Half time is the break in football. After 45 minutes there is half time in a game. In esport, 45 minutes in the game is the equivalent of 6 minutes in real life.

Legend Card

A Legend is a retired phenomenon. The best players that have played football receive a card.

Lofted pass

A lofted pass is a pass lifted in the air. You do this if you can’t pass to your teammate directly or if he is not close to you.


Offside is a rule created to prevent players from creating unfair chances in the opposing teams half of the pitch. If a player is behind the last defender of the opposing team, when the player’s teammate, kicks the ball to him, the other team gets a free kick.


Passing is when you move the ball around to your teammates. The reason why you pass the ball is to keep possession and create goal chances.


In FIFA a player has the opportunity to pause the game when the ball is out of bounce or a foul is committed. These pauses can help a player focus up or give them a short break from the intense game. The players can also use the pauses to make new tactics or make a substitution. In a professional FIFA match a rule often states that a player only can make 3 pauses per game.


On a football field there are placed two rectangular boxes in both ends of the pitch, these two “boxes” are also called the penalty field. If a player commits a foul in their own penalty field the opposition receives a penalty kick. The penalty spot is placed approximately 18 meters (20 yards) from the goal.

Penalty Area

The penalty area is where the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball in his hands. It is also where the penalty is taken. If the defending team commits a foul inside the penalty area, the attacking team gets a penalty kick.

Penalty Shootout

A Penalty Shootout is how you determine a winner after extra time if the game is still in a tie. The players from both teams take each a penalty shot inside the penalty area. The team with the most scored penalty kicks after 5 kicks each wins.


A pitch is a field, where you play football.


Possession is when your team keeps the ball to create chances and make the opposing team create fewer chances by not giving them the ball.


PS4 is one of two consoles used in the competitive FIFA scene. PS4 is created and established by Sony, the console was firstly introduced to the world in 1994 and has been developed ever since.


A Rating determines how good a player is. A player’s rating can vary between 1-99, where 99 is the best rating and 1 is the worst rating. The worst player in FIFA is usually 45 in rating and the best player is usually 93-94. The rating is determined by the player’s stats.


When you shoot the ball, you create a direct chance to score. When you shoot you kick the ball directly at the goal to score.

Slide tackle

A Slide tackle is an effective, but risky tackle. A slide tackle weighs heavily on timing. You slide tackle when your opponent can create a goal chance. The problem is a slide tackle can easily escalate into a foul or you can get out of your position, making your defence unstable.

Standing tackle

A standing tackle is an effective tackle if you time it right. A tackle is when you pass the ball.

Stars (5*)

In FIFA you have been given attributes that determine how good you are at first: dribbling and secondly: shooting with your weak foot. These two attributes are based on stars where five is the max. For eksempel if a player is excellent at dribbling but cant shoot with his weak foot then he would have 5* skills and 2* weak foot.


Stats are all the important abilities a player can have. For example, shooting, passing, tackling, sprint speed. The stats determine the player’s rating. Like ratings, stats can vary from 1-99. The rating is calculated from the average stat rating, but the stats’ importance is determined by the player’s position. For example, if a goalkeeper’s attack stats has an average rating of 32. This rating does not mean the goalkeeper gets a bad overall rating as attack stats does not matter for a goalkeeper. However, if the goalkeeper has bad goalkeeping stats, that would have a great impact on the overall rating.


A substitution occurs in a match when a player is exchanged with another player. A substitution is made by the head coach and is used when a player is injured or tired. A substitution can change the whole game, with full energy a substituted player plays a huge role both defensively and attacking.

Through Ball

A through ball is like a pass, but instead of passing the ball directly at your teammate, you aim away from him forcing him to run after the ball. You usually do this when you want to create a chance or if your teammate is covered by an opposing player.

Throw in

A throw in is when the ball is kicked out of the sidelines, the rules for throw in states that the last person to touch the ball is at fault for losing possession for their team. When taking a throw in you have to have both feet on the ground. The referee decides where you have to take the throw in.


In a real football match a game lasts at least 90 minutes, in FIFA this is also the case. The difference is that these 90 minutes are sped up so a half typically lasts 4-6 minutes.

Timed Finishing

Timed finishing is an opportunity to make your shot more precise and harder. You do this by pressing the shoot button twice. If you do it right before your player shoots, your player will hit the ball hard and precise. If you do it too early, the shot will be worse. It is possible to turn off timed finishing.

Time Wasting

Time wasting often occurs in regular football, it comes in many forms such as taking a little longer to pick up the ball or take a freekick. But in FIFA it is particularly easier to waste time because you have a clear overview of the players. To prevent this from happening in professional tournaments a rule was invented that states it is illegal for a player to keep the ball on their own half for more than 10 minutes (FIFA minutes).


When you play FUT, you can get special player cards. These cards are players who are in great form. They get better stats on these cards.

TOTW (Team Of The Week): TOTW cards get published every week with players that were in great form in the latest week.

TOTY(Team Of The Year): TOTY cards are the best cards. A football player receives this card if the player had a great year in real life. These cards get published every year in January.

TOTS(Team Of The Season): These cards get published at the end of every season. The players that had a great season in real life, receive a card.


Xbox is one of two consoles used in the competitive FIFA scene. Xbox is created and established by Microsoft, the console was firstly introduced to the world in 2001 and has been developed ever since.