Biogragraphy of Mikkel "Coach Haller" Haller

Mikkel "Coach Haller" Haller was born on the 30th of march 1996. He is a FIFA coach and retired FIFA player from Denmark.

Coach Haller´s Nickname

Coach Haller's nickname came from a time where he saw a classic movie called “coach carter” and one time he did not want to play for a tournament, so he enrolled as “Coach Haller”.

Coach Haller´s background

Coach Haller was born in a town very close to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. This place is called Vallensbæk. Haller started playing FIFA in 2005 when his recreational club had the game. He started playing at a serious level in 2017.

Coach Haller as a FIFA player

Although Coach Haller rarely plays for his team (as he is a coach) he is still a great, great player.

His playing-style would be described as defensive, and counter-attacking football. Haller uses a common 4-4-2 formation that can be used in many different ways. Haller's favorite player in FIFA is the lightning-fast center back from real Madrid, Raphael Varane.

Coach Haller´s FIFA career

Although Coach Haller is a coach he has many achievements many players would love to have. He won the eClub World Cup in Milan as a coach, together with Don Oli and Lillelys.

Haller's main focus is primarily on his coaching abilities as many of his ambitions revolve around scouting and creating talent. He one day dreams of helping a player reach top 4 in the world championships.

Other interests of Coach Haller

When Coach Haller is not looking around Denmark for undiscovered talent, Haller likes to sit down, relax and watch his two favorite teams Brønby IF and Real Madrid play football.

Fan factor

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Coach Haller is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love.