Biogragraphy of Jeppe "JeppeLK" Lyng Kobberholm

Jeppe “JeppeLK” Lyng Kobberholm was born Jan 23, 1998 and is a professional FIFA player from Denmark.

JeppeLK ´s nickname

“JeppeLK” comes from a mix between his last and middle names' initials that together create a cool nickname.

The story of JeppeLK

JeppeLK was born in a Danish town called Thyborøn, located in the north-westerly part of Jutland. Since a young age, JeppeLK has had an interest in football. An interest that grew throughout his youth, so when his cousin introduced him to FIFA in 2005 JeppeLK was hooked.

JeppeLK as a FIFA player

JeppeLK describes his playing style as balanced football, which means he sets the tempo of the game and does not get frustrated when everything is not going his way. JeppeLK´s preferred formation to play is the 4-2-3-1 which is commonly used in the professional scene. The first player JeppeLK purchases every year for his team is the icon Ruud Gullit for all of the right reasons. Ruud Gullit is a player in FIFA known for his well-rounded stats, which means he can almost play in any position in the game, but he is often used as a CDM.

JeppeLK ´s FIFA career

JeppeLK was recognized in 2019 when he got signed to FC Midtjylland to play for them in the esports equivalent of the best Danish league, eSuperligaen. Because JeppeLK started his professional career in 2019 he has not had the time to show his talent on the big stage, the time he really wants. JeppeLK states he would love to get nationally recognized for his FIFA skills, and one day that might happen.

In 2020 JeppeLK had a great showing in the eSuperliga, where he managed to get the achievement of being undefeated for a whole year.

Other interest of JeppeLK

As mentioned JeppeLK enjoys football both virtually and in real life, he, therefore, plays a little in his spare time. His favorite player is the great dane, Christan Eriksen who he actually met in 2010.

Fan factor

The fan factor is based on, popularity on social media, follows on eManager and viewers on streams.
JeppeLK is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love.