Biogragraphy of Jesper "Pilm" Prang

Jesper “Pilm” Prang, born 28 marts 1994. He is a professional FIFA player from Denmark.

Pilm’s nickname

As stated by Pilm himself, his username was a total coincidence that was made up from random thoughts.

The story of Pilm

Pilm was born in Æbeltoft Djursland which is located on the east side of Jutland. He started playing FIFA when FIFA 98 was released, his brothers inspired him to play the game and he hasn't stopped since

Pilm as a FIFA player

When asked what makes his playing different from the other players, Pilm explained that he is great at taking control of the game and taking advantage of his goal-scoring chances. His primary formation is the 4-2-3-1 which is commonly used in professional FIFA.

As mentioned Pilm likes to have control over his matches and to do that you need controlling players. Therefore when asked who his favorite player was he answered the icon Ruud Gullit. Ruud Gullit is a player often used in professional FIFA, with his well-rounded stat he plays exemplary in every midfield position,

Pilm is also notorious for what is described as the “Pilm Cocktail”, which is a signature goal scoring strategy for him, specially used in the eSuperliga a lot.

Pilm’s FIFA career

Pilm became a professional FIFA player in the summer of 2013 where he participated in the Danish championship. He started his eSuperliga career in Silkeborg and later moved on to the capital club FCK. In 2020 Pilm was signed by Lyngby BK, where he aspires to achieve greatness.

Pilm has lots of career highlights, for example, he placed number 3 in the eSuperliga with FC Copenhagen, but also managed to achieve a 2nd place in the fifth season of the eSuperliga together with Lyngby BK. He also won the Aarhus open back to back. He is an ambitious guy and dreams of winning the eSuperliga one day, and hopefully he will fulfill this dream

Other interest of Pilm

Pilm has a love for football and therefore enjoys playing himself. When he doesn't constantly think about football, Pilm likes to spend time with his friends and enjoy a good meal. In his spare time, Pilm also likes to play counter-strike.

Fan factor

The fan factor is based on, popularity on social media, follows on eManager and viewers on streams.
Pilm is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love.