Biogragraphy of Oliver "Roberts" Roberts

Oliver “Roberts” Roberts was born May 3, 2003, and is a professional FIFA player from Denmark. 

The Story of Roberts

Roberts humble beginnings took place in the Danish city of Aalborg, where he lives and grew up as a child. Like many others in the world of FIFA, the love of playing football was what got Roberts started with his FIFA career. His first memory of touching the game of FIFA was the 2005 version of it, which was an eye-opener for this talented player.

Roberts as a FIFA player

As noticed by his opponents, but also himself, Roberts has a very offensive and aggressive style of play in FIFA. And it has seen him leave many opponents in the dust, as they simply cannot contain him when he gets going. His favorite formation to implement his style of play with is the classic 4-4-2 formation. A player he must have when creating his team is the great Ruud Gullit, which enables him to create a lot of offensive moves upfront, as well as in the defensive part.

Roberts FIFA Career

Ever since joining the professional scene of FIFA back in 2019, it has been nothing but a nonstop progression for this talented FIFA player.

For a long period in 2019 and 2020, he has been known as one of the best performing players in the world, when it comes to Weekend Leagues in FIFA, where he several times has gone 30-0 in a weekend. This didn’t go unnoticed, as he got signed by Team Gullit, which is a team that transforms potential great players into world-class players.

Other than being signed by Team Gullit, Roberts has also had the opportunity to play for AaB in the eSuperliga, which has been a proving ground for him.

Fan factor

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Roberts is a popular profile with a "Moderate" fan factor. You can see why on his social media profiles.