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FIFA Team AC Horsens

Alliance Club Horsens, or AC Horsens for short, was founded in 1994, and their home stadium is called CASA Arena Horsens, located in Horsens. AC Horsens is one of the teams that has struggled to stay in the Superliga throughout the years, but always have a loyal fanbase backing them up.

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Fan factor



Country Denmark

Team form


AC Horsens vs. FC Copenhagen

AC Horsens vs. FC Copenhagen

eSuperliga Grand Final - Season 3

AC Horsens vs. OB

AC Horsens vs. OB

eSuperliga Semifinal - Season 3


When does AC Horsens play again?

No official dates are published yet on their upcoming matches or tournaments, but please create a user and follow the team you like.

Which country is AC Horsens from?

AC Horsens is a FIFA team from Denmark and all their players are from Denmark as well

What is AC Horsens’s Twitter?

AC Horsens’s official Twitter profile is @HFSEsport.