Biography of Lyngby BK

Lyngby Football Club, known as Lyngby BK was founded in 1921. Lyngby BK 's home base is located in a beautiful suburban town 20 minutes away from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Lyngby BK is all about the fans

Lyngby BK is not very decorated in terms of major trophies/titles in Denmark, but have won the Danish league twice and the Danish cup three times, but don't let that fool you. Lyngby BK's ravishing stadium combined with the atmosphere the fans create, Lyngby BK is a very enjoyable football team to watch.

Lyngby BK's way into eSuperliga

Fast forward to 2018 where Lyngby BK was enrolled in one of the most exciting FIFA related esports tournaments. This tournament was announced by “3F Superliga” and is the esport equivalent of the best league in Denmark called the eSuperliga. Lyngby BK 's first season in the eSuperliga was a success; they made it to the playoffs but were knocked out by a dominant Brøndby IF team.

Lyngby BK sought after greater achievements, so they recruited two young talents in 2019, who had proved their worth in two different clubs. These players were Don Oli and Lillelys. Since they joined the club, bothplayers have done a remarkable job representing Lyngby BK .

Season 3

With the signed talents immediate impact on the team, they have cast a light on Lyngby BK's eSuperliga title hopes. In their debut season, they gained their greatest accomplishment by obtaining the third place at the eSuperliga season 3 playoffs.

With the promising results the Lyngby BK side has delivered, they may not be very far from the coveted 1st place, As they look to surpass their opposition in the years to come.

Lyngby BK vs. AGF

eSuperliga Quarterfinal - Season 4

Lyngby BK vs. Vendsyssel FF

eSuperliga Group Stage - Season 2