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FIFA Team Vejle Boldklub

Vejle Football Club is one of the biggest football clubs in Denmark. Ever since being founded in 1891, they have had nothing but success in terms of football. They have won the Danish league 5 times.

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Country Denmark

Team form


Vejle Boldklub vs. FC Copenhagen

Vejle Boldklub vs. FC Copenhagen

eSuperliga Semifinal - Season 1

Vejle Boldklub vs. OB

Vejle Boldklub vs. OB

eSuperliga Grand Final - Season 4


When does Vejle Boldklub play again?

Vejle Boldklub has an interesting upcoming schedule with 4 matches over the next 8 days. The next match is Apr 13, 2021 at 4:15pm against Randers FC in eSuperliga Season 6.

Which country is Vejle Boldklub from?

Vejle Boldklub is a FIFA team from Denmark and all their players are from Denmark as well

What is Vejle Boldklub’s Twitter?

Vejle Boldklub’s official Twitter profile is @TRICKED_esport.

Who plays for Vejle Boldklub?

Vejle Boldklub consist of 5 players: Esser, Skifter, Arrow, Høegh & Minivildand.