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FIFA Tournaments

Here is the list of the largest and most entertaining tournaments you can find in FIFA. You can find completed tournaments or follow live tournaments with a few clicks. And of course, you also will be able to see upcoming tournaments as well.

5 Total FIFA tournaments
eSuperliga Season 5
Nov 3, 2020 starting at 4:00pm
Studie 1,  Copenhagen,  Denmark
56,000 in prize pool

The world of FIFA esports is enormous. Here on eManager you can see all esport tournaments in FIFA, from big to small, we got them all. You can find both completed tournaments, live tournaments, as well as upcoming tournaments, so dive into the world of FIFA.

For every big FIFA event, we got explanations and information to help you understand all of it as a viewer and fan. Whether it's the eWorld Cup, ePremier League, or the eDivisie, you can find information about them here!

When a tournament completes

After the tournament, you will also be able to see everything that happened throughout the tournament including the players that performed the best (eMVP), how the teams placed in the tournament and relevant statistics.

And of course, can you learn and explore every corner of the setup. Which are everything from a short brief of the tournament, exploring the teams competing or learning the format.