eSuperliga is a FIFA esports league in Denmark for all of the best players in the country, that strive to be the best in the country, and raise the eSuperliga trophy together with their share of the $56.000 USD prize pool.

The eSuperliga is based around the best Danish league in Denmark, called the “3F Superliga”. This means that all the best teams in Denmark have brought in talented FIFA players, representing them in the eSuperliga.

To be honest, if you like football or FIFA, this is a tournament you will enjoy. It is a very high-quality league, with rivalries and excitement in every single match. Most of the best FIFA players from Denmark participate in the eSuperliga, but in order to play in the eSuperliga, you need to be over 16 years of age, so there are plenty of danish talents waiting for their chance to play in the future seasons of the eSuperliga.

The eSuperliga is the first national FIFA esport league in the world. After the first season of the eSuperliga, there have come many other national FIFA esport leagues such as Eallsvenskan (Sweden), ePremier league (England), Eliga (Czechoslovakia), Laliga esports (Spain), and eDivisie (Netherlands).