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eSuperliga Season 1 - 2018 Completed

eSuperliga Season 1 - 2018

Nov 15, 2018Dec 17, 2018

The new tournament, eSuperliga, is about to start, and the 16 teams are ready to do everything they can in order to win it all. The tournament will be played on EA Sports’ FIFA 19.

eSuperliga is a new Danish esports tournament where 16 of the best Danish football teams will have FIFA players representing them, some of these teams include Brøndby IF and FC Copenhagen. The eSuperliga is here to unite the teams, players, and fans around esport and football. The prize pool is $56.000 USD, and the teams and players will do everything to win it.

The teams are set and the players are ready. It’s only a matter of time before the tournament starts and the fans can now cheer on their favorite team in the world of esport, as well as in real football.

Brøndby IF logoBrøndby IFWinner


Forum, Copenhagen


eSuperliga Season 1 - 2018 is being held in Denmark Denmark

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in eSuperliga Season 1 - 2018 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

The first player we have decided to shine the spotlight upon is the very talented and experienced Bacha. Bacha will play his first season in the eSuperliga with Randers FC. Bacha is well known in the FIFA world, especially for winning the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016, and therefore we expect great things from him.

Another player that has had tremendous title-winning experience and a lot of tournament quality is Niller. Niller plays for FC Midtjylland together with his talented teammates. Niller participated in the ESWC (esport world convention) in 2016.

The eSuperliga will feature many young talented Danish players, which is why you should look out for LordHjorth, as he has shown potential capable of challenging the best players in the league.

This player has shown great growth in recent years and this is probably why Fredberg has signed with Brøndby IF. Fredberg won the danish championship in 2017, and he has only shown a glimpse of his enormous talent.

The last player we will highlight for the first season is Agge. Agge is a danish legend when it comes to FIFA. Agge has a huge advantage because of his experience in tournaments and title winnings. Agge won the FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2014, and has played with the famous team Hashtag United.

Tournament format

The eSuperliga Season 1 consists of 2 stages - the group stage and playoffs.

Group Stage

  • The group stage features 16 teams, playing according to the Round-Robin format.
  • All matches consists of 2 games, meaning 1 home and away game.
  • The 8 best placed teams advance to the Playoffs.


  • Every match in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals are played as best of 2, with 1 home and away game.
  • The aggregate score decides the winner of every match

The Grand Final is a best of 3