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eSuperliga Season 2 - 2019 Completed

Recap of FIFA tournament eSuperliga Season 2 - 2019

FC Copenhagen the team from Denmark was the winner of the latest eSuperliga Season 2 - 2019 inCopenhagen, Feb 26, with a prize pool of a massive $56,000.

The final game between FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF (Denmark) ended in a victory to FC Copenhagen 6-2, and secured the first place prize of $27,616.

eSuperliga Season 2 - 2019 logo Total prize pool $56,000

What happened in eSuperliga Season 2 - 2019

The second season of the eSuperliga has been as intense as the previous season. With Brøndby IF winning the first season, it was no surprise that they expected to be a big competitor this season. Like last season, the prize pool is $56.000, and the 16 teams play in a Round-Robin format.

A new challenger approaches

Things went great for FC Helsingør as they finished second in the group stage. It was a huge surprise since they finished at the bottom of the table last season.

As the group stage came to an end, it was time for the 8 best teams to compete and determine the second season winner in the playoffs. Both FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF qualified for the playoffs, and they were the favorites.

Favorites winning

Things went great as Brøndby IF and FC Copenhagen both won the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, FC Copenhagen was up against Vejle Boldklub, the former runner-ups. FC Copenhagen won by 5-6, which sealed them a spot in the finals.

FC Helsingør and Brøndby IF faced each other in the semifinals as well, and as many expected, Brøndby IF won this match.

Rivals meet in the final!

This means that FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF were up against each other in the finals. The game was expected to be a close game between the two sides, but FC Copenhagen surprised everyone as they won by a landslide.

The game ended 6-2 and made FC Copenhagen the champions of season 2!