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eSuperliga Season 3 - 2019 Completed

eSuperliga Season 3 - 2019

Oct 13, 2019Dec 7, 2019

The eSuperliga is starting once again and the teams are ready to kick off the third season of the eSuperliga. FC Copenhagen showed real class and won the previous season of the eSuperliga, and took home the trophy and their share of the prize pool, by defeating the defending champions, Brøndby IF.

FC Copenhagen’s star player at the time, Agge, was an important player in FC Copenhagen’s victory in the previous season of the eSuperliga, and he is ready to prove that he can bring the victory and glory back to FC Copenhagen again this season.

The eSuperliga season 3 is a Danish Football league created by Dreamhack, Divisionsforeningen and Discovery Networks. The prize pool is $56.000 and is shared between the top 8 teams. The game is played on EA Sports’ FIFA 20.

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eSuperliga Season 3 - 2019 is being held in Denmark Denmark

Prize pool


Highlighted players

We have selected five players that you should look out for in eSuperliga Season 3 - 2019 - because they are on the rise or is the best players right now. Use the information with common sense and don't use our subjective assessment in games or betting if you do not agree.

Agge is a phenomenal player who had a key role in FC Copenhagen’s title win last season. The opposing teams should keep an eye out for him as he has proved how competitive he is. Marcuzo is also a great player in the FC Copenhagen roster. He had a key role in FC Copenhagen’s win against Brøndby IF in the finale, previous season and he was the top scorer in that season.

Dingo is a great player, he and his teammate, Fredberg are great players who led Brøndby IF to the Grand Final of the last season. With their teamwork and potential, they can prove to be pretty effective in terms of winning this upcoming season.

Being the third top scorer, and leading Hobro IK to the quarterfinals last season, Bech is an obvious player to look out for. His thirst for goals is something worth fearing a the opposing teams and players should train their defensive skills to keep him out of the penalty area.

Tournament format

The eSuperliga Season 3 consists of 3 stages- The Regular Season, Playoffs and The Finals.

Regular Season (Group Stage)

  • The regular season features 15 teams that play according to the Round-Robin format, which means everyone plays against each other once.
  • In the regular season, every match is a best of two (home and away game).
  • A team earns 3 points for winning their match, and 1 point if it ends in a draw
  • After the Regular season is over, the 4 best teams go directly to the Quarterfinals.
  • The 5-12th placed teams qualify for the playoffs, while the rest of the teams are out of the eSuperliga.

Playoffs (Knockout stage)

- Here the remaining teams will play one match against another team, based on seeding from the regular season.

  • Every match is a best of two.
  • In case of a draw (1-1), the winning team is determined by most away goals.
  • The 4 teams that win their knockout match proceeds to the Finals (quarter-finals).

Finals (Quarterfinals and Semifinals)

  • In the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, every match is a best of two.
  • In case of a draw (1-1), the winning team is determined by most away goals.

Grand Final

- The Grand Final is a best of 3

  • If the match goes to a 3rd game, both players on the team will participate, resulting in a 2v2 game to determine the winner.