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eSuperliga Season 4 - 2020 Completed

Recap of FIFA tournament eSuperliga Season 4 - 2020

Vejle Boldklub the team from Denmark was the winner of the latest eSuperliga Season 4 - 2020 inCopenhagen, Mar 11, with a prize pool of a massive $56,000.

The final game between Vejle Boldklub and OB (Denmark) ended in a victory to Vejle Boldklub 6-5, and secured the first place prize of $27,616.

eSuperliga Season 4 - 2020 logo Total prize pool $56,000

What happened in eSuperliga Season 4 - 2020

Nobody predicted the outcome of the third season where AC Horsens won, and that meant that other underdog teams now had hopes of winning the 4th season of the eSuperliga. The 15 teams were ready for a new season of the eSuperliga, and the challenge was as great as the previous seasons. The teams had everything to play for and did their best to win it all.

A different season

The 4th season of eSuperliga was very different from the other seasons as FC Copenhagen did not finish in the top 4, as they have done three times in a row up till this point. This proved that every team had hopes of winning the eSuperliga this season as the giants weren’t so great as everybody had expected. The same thing could not have been said about Brøndby IF, as they finished at the top of the table after a great season.

The playoffs begin

The playoffs began and FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF shockingly lost the quarterfinals. Now Lyngby BK, Vejle Boldklub, OB and AaB had a chance of winning this season of eSuperliga.

Vejle Boldklub won by a solid 3-0 in the semi-finals, giving them the spot in the final. OB knocked AaB out of the semi-finals, as the final was shaping up to be one of the best.

Vejle Boldklub wins it all!

Everything was at stake as OB and Vejle Boldklub faced each other in the finale. Vejle Boldklub showed real class as they won the finale by 2-1 and became the champions of the eSuperliga this season.