2 new features to the transfer window

We have listened to you! We’ve built 2 new features that you’re going to love and you can start enjoying today. Both features relate to the transfer window…

2 new features to the transfer window

One thing that is important when you are playing eManager is always to have the best players under a tournament. Sometimes though, it can be hard to find out which teams and players are still in the tournament and which players you should replace to get the best chances to win.

This is why we will introduce 2 awesome features to you today.

Features 1: Eliminated players

From now on, it will only be possible to do a replacement in a transfer window with players that are still active in the tournament. So picking an eliminated player will no longer be a mistake.

You are welcome!

Features 2: Intelligent transfer on the mobile

As we all know, the transfer is important to optimize your team and stay at the top of your groups. We listened to you! We found out that making a transfer takes some research, and often times you are away from your computer when the transfer window is open.

This is why we are introducing to you today an intelligent transfer feature on our iOS and Android app. When you are on the go, you can simply make a transfer because you only need to accept our best bid to complete the transfer.

Every transfer is specially and personally generated on every one of your teams! And of course, it is based on your eliminated players and the amount of money you have left.

This is how it calculates your best transfer opportunity

For every eliminated player you have on your team eManager will suggest a transfer. And of course, maximum 2 players is proposed (as the rules define).

If you only have one eliminated player eManager will find the best (highest price) player you can buy. If you have two eliminated players eManager will find the two best (highest price possible for both of them in a sum) players you can buy.

If you have three or more eliminated players eManager will pick the two players where you can sell them for the highest price (so you can buy for the highest amount possible)

What do you want now?

Do you want to know more about what we are working on right now? Then you can check the roadmap here where we write about upcoming features.

You probably already know, every features we are building is coming from our users’ requests.
So please tell us if you have an issue, want a new features or just want to say hi!