6,500+ members 😍 And now on Discord

Today eManager crossed a significant milestone!

6,500+ members 😍 And now on Discord

Over 6,500+ people have now played eManager!

We are now a small community 👏

Becoming a better community means providing you, our beloved users some extra cool features...

Here is what we are working on:

  • Team pages where you can read more about the teams’ history and achievements 🏆
  • A player page where you can read the players’ trophies, achievements, and history 🇩🇰
  • Improved gameplay under every tournament 🥳

We've listened to you! Welcome to Discord

If you know what Discord is, please join us at Discord here. Feel free to send us a quick chat or feedback. We’re excited to hear from you there! 😍

Join us at Discord

Don't know what Discord is? Don't fret about it - it is another tool people use to chat when playing online games. You may just send your feedback to us here.

Last thing...

Remember that you can create a team to Pro Series right now! Go into your mobile app or click here.