Andreas Dithmer joins our advisory board! 😱

We are so pleased to welcome Andreas, who with his expertise in creative marketing and branding will assist in eManager’s journey to success.

Andreas Dithmer joins our advisory board! 😱

We have recently concluded that eManager is dependent on the right marketing strategy. eManager is more fun to play with friends, and this is why we need to do this right.

We have luckily found an exciting person that can bring the last parts together for us...

We found Andreas!

Our co-founder Mikkel Damm heard Andreas speak on Social Symposium and he couldn’t hold his excitement when he called me. Nearly yelling, he said: "I have found the fourth member of our Advisory Board!"

And Mikkel was right. Hearing Andreas speak in front of 600 people is fantastic, but having him in a one-on-meeting is quite an experience. The energy is so amazing!

Fast action

When Andreas agreed to meet with us, he told us that he usually wouldn't reply to messages like ours.

It was through his sister’s influence talking about esports for the first time that he decided to get closer to this market. A big win for both of us.

The meeting only took around 22 minutes - that is what we call fast action!

Welcome aboard Andreas!

Andreas’s skills

Andreas is Senior Creative Lead at Kunde & Co and is the brain behind lots of massive campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the Nordics. He studied at the fine University of the Arts in London before he went back to Denmark.