Jacob “pimp” Winneche joins our advisory board!

Our second advisory board member has joined us! We are extremely happy as we announce that no other than Jacob “pimp” Winneche joined our expert advisory board.

Jacob “pimp” Winneche joins our advisory board!

From the beginning of eManager we talked about Jacob Winneche. We see him a lot on television on major events talking about the players’ performance in the games, and we knew that he had something we didn't have - experience in the esports world

When you want to learn to play soccer you can’t just contact Ronaldo to hear if he has time to help. Especially not for free! So we killed the thought...

We found Jacob!

Every time we talked about who we thought would be the best match for us, we always concluded it was Jacob. So, we took the chance and wrote him a message on Twitter - we were not really expecting a response (at that time we didn't know him too well).

And to our surprise, Jacob responded and even loved eManager. And it got even better when he agreed to join our advisory board. How cool is that!

So, welcome aboard Jacob!

Jacob “pimp” Winneche’s skills

Jacob is a former professional Counter-Strike player for e.g. Team Liquid and the best CS: GO team in the world Astralis (stand-in). Jacob is currently a commentator/analyst for the biggest events in the world and is today an icon of the Danish CS: GO history.

Jacob will bring his experience from being in the game, around the game and most importantly, as the influencer that he is. And not to mention his great network inside the esports.

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What is an Advisory Board

An advisory board is a collection of people with different competencies who most often have a passion for entrepreneurship, the industry or the product. Advisory boards act a bit like a board where you meet with all the members once in a while - e.g. every third month. The purpose is so that they can help you with issues, find the right people in their networks - or just listen to some of your challenges. In other words, an advisory board is a resource that you can’t afford to ignore if you intend to bring a company to the next level faster!