Katrine Lee joins our advisory board!

We are so pleased to welcome Katrine Lee, who, with her expertise in marketing and vast network, will help eManager drive to success.

Katrine Lee joins our advisory board!

When Phillip and Jacob joined our amazing advisory board, we knew that the next couple of members should have skills outside the esports. The perfect match would be a highly skilled person with great experience outside the esports world, but also have either passion, interest or just wanted to get closer to esports.

And the heavens gave us what we needed, we found that person!

We found Katrine!

In late May, I attended the MarketingCamp 2019 where I was so lucky to hear Katrine's talk about influencers. I was overwhelmed and impressed by her knowledge and experiences. Like a schoolboy, I sat back, listened and asked further questions and by the end of it, we found out that we shared the same passion for esports!

After two follow up emails and a meeting, we all agreed that Katrine would be a great match for us all and for eManager.

Welcome aboard Katrine!

Katrine Lee’s skills

Katrine is a former blogger and has been part of Wolt’s marketing department in Denmark. She has recently built up a successful influencer partnership in Lunar Way. Katrine is also a great entrepreneur and has created a bikini brand called Copenhagen Cartel. Copenhagen Cartel is a sustainable bikini brand with recycled plastic bikinis.

Katrine will be bringing her experience and knowledge within marketing to eManager. And of course with a focus on how to get and motivate influencers.

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What is an Advisory Board

An advisory board is a collection of people with different competencies who most often have a passion for entrepreneurship, the industry or the product. Advisory boards act a bit like a board where you meet with all the members once in a while - e.g. every third month. The purpose is so that they can help you with issues, find the right people in their networks - or just listen to some of your challenges. In other words, an advisory board is a resource that you can’t afford to ignore if you intend to bring a company to the next level faster!