Our Android app is out!

What you all have been waiting… You may now download our Android App on Google Play! Start creating your teams directly from the app and enjoy more features.

Our Android app is out!

First of all, we would like to say sorry. Sorry that you had to wait for the Android version of our app. We wanted to fix the most critical bugs and issues on our iOS app before we released the Android app to you...

And good things come to those who wait - you can now download a bug-free (hopefully) Android app today!

Android and iOS follow each other

From now on you will never see a difference in the two apps. Every time we release a new version with a new feature etc., it will be in both mobile stores at the same time.

Coming soon

In a few weeks, we will be releasing a brand new version of the app, where you are able to

  • Create a user
  • Create a team
  • Create or join groups with your team
  • See replacements after a transfer window

###Did you find a bug or is having an issue with our app? If you’re having an issue or you’ve found a bug on our app, please notify us right away! Nothing else could make us happier. Click here to contact us.

Download before your friends.

Download the app right here!