Phillip Rasmusen joins our advisory board!

We have admitted that we don't have all the knowledge we need in the esport world. This is why we need the help of our selected experts. We are super hyped that Phillip Rasmusen have joined our advisory board.

Phillip Rasmusen joins our advisory board!

Over the last couple of months, we figured that we needed some more competencies. We especially lack skills in marketing and understanding the principles of esports.

After a long meeting, our team came to a decision to set up an advisory board to help us. But, we have very specific requirements for our board; All members should be highly skilled in their field and at the same time be a person we could laugh and drink a beer with!

We found Phillip!

It was a total coincidence that we found Phillip one day on LinkedIn. It happened when one of my connections liked one of his posts. That same night his post showed up on my newsfeed on LinkedIn and I started to research about him. Phillip was very open-minded when he posted that he was looking for new opportunities. It only took a few minutes to find out that this could be a VERY good match. Long story short, we did have a beer and we had a great laugh :-)

Welcome aboard Phillip!

Phillip Rasmussen’s skills

Phillip has very strong competencies within PR and social media in esports. He has great history and experience working with SteelSeries, and the skilled esports teams fnatic, Astralis and most recently North!

Phillip will be bringing his experiences, huge network and great knowledge about esports to eManager.

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What is an Advisory Board

An advisory board is a collection of people with different competencies who most often have a passion for entrepreneurship, the industry or the product. Advisory boards act a bit like a board where you meet with all the members once in a while - e.g. every third month. The purpose is so that they can help you with issues, find the right people in their networks - or just listen to some of your challenges. In other words, an advisory board is a resource that you can’t afford to ignore if you intend to bring a company to the next level faster!