Pimp: Here's what to look out for to StarLadder?

We have asked Pimp what to look out for to StarLadder Berlin Qualifier! And here’s his answers...

Pimp: Here's what to look out for to StarLadder?

What is special about StarLadder?

Major qualifiers are always something special. Some rise to the occasion and others completely fall trough. You’ll see new talent emerge and you’ll see old not having what it takes no more.

There’s always an extra set of nerves attached to the games during a major, which often makes a fun and exciting Counter-Strike.

2 players to watch out for:

The setup of the tournament is not the only thing that makes StarLadder interesting, the players are always a big part of the entertainment.

We have asked Pimp to pick two players whom he thinks would make the tournament fun to watch. 2 players who could give a great impact or could surprise. And Pimp picked ZywOo from Vitaliy and Ethan from NRG.

Here is why

ZywOo (Vitality)

He is on the path to potentially becoming the best player of 2019. A great performance at the major is essential to his team if they want to have any sort of success. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to ZywOo. A super talent with skills that everyone in the world respects!

Ethan (NRG)

He was an absolute monster on the server in 2018. He has one of the most precise aims in Counter-Strike and is feared by many. 2019 has been a big up-and-down for Ethan, which left many disappointed. If there’s ever a time to make up for those disappointments, that would be now, at the major. Ethan has what it takes to dominate his opposition, the question though is if he’s coming in with the confidence required!

Can you beat Pimp?

At this tournament, you can play against Pimp in a closed group. And if you win over Pimp you can win a 1-hour coaching by no other than Pimp himself!

Read more about this special prize here

Who is Pimp

Really? Jacob “Pimp” Winneche professional player for e.g. Team Liquid and Astralis (stand-in). Jacob is currently a commentator/analyst for the biggest events in the world.