Pimp + StarLadder Major 2019: Here's what to look out for

We have asked Pimp what to look out for to StarLadder Major 2019! And here’s his answers...

Pimp + StarLadder Major 2019: Here's what to look out for

What is special about StarLadder?

Its the major. The real major. Now we found the 8 new teams ready to fight the legends. A lot of the teams coming from the Legends stage have planned, or rumored roster moves to happen already. MIBR playing with a coach, ENCE removing Aleksib after the major. NIP playing with a stand-in, and FaZe with a potential roster move after the major.

Watch out boys n’ girls, it ain’t easy!

2 players to watch out for:

The setup of the tournament is not the only thing that makes StarLadder interesting, the players are always a big part of the entertainment.

We have asked Pimp to pick two players whom he thinks would make the tournament fun to watch. 2 players who could give a great impact or could surprise. And Pimp picked s1mple from NaVi and KennyS from G2.

Here is why

s1mple (NaVi)

No major without s1mple hype. The best player ever to touch Counter-Strike is hopefully showing up in his best shape. When he is on fire, nobody can feel safe.

KennyS (G2)

One of the best players in the game, a true legend. He has found his form in 2019, and is by many considered the best AWP player ever to touch the game!!

Can you beat Pimp?

At this tournament, you can play against Pimp in a closed group. And if you win over Pimp you can win a 1-hour coaching by no other than Pimp himself!

Read more about this special prize here

Who is Pimp

Really? Jacob “Pimp” Winneche professional player for e.g. Team Liquid and Astralis (stand-in). Jacob is currently a commentator/analyst for the biggest events in the world.