See your 2019 Wrapped 😱

Congrats to device and EliGE! 2019 is over! Are you ready to see your own stats and how much love you have given to esports this year?

See your 2019 Wrapped 😱

Ready for your 2019 Wrapped in eManager? But first a little about version 2.0!

We started eManager to follow, learn, and get closer to Counter-Strike and built a game where you as a manager can create your dream-team & battle against friends and fans around the world.

eManager 2.0

As we went full time on eManager, we discovered that YOU - our beloved users - needed more. Even though you started following Counter-Strike more through eManager we learned that you need more tools to be more engaged and up to date on what’s happening.

So over the next couple of months, eManager will add many of the requested features that you guys asked for. Here are some of them:

  • Get notified when your favorite players/teams participate in a tournament
  • Find match results and live scores
  • See match and player stats of a completed match
  • Get a total overview of the matches and tournament overview
  • Read and learn everything you need about the tournament, players, and teams.

And many more features to come … to make esports for everyone !

YOUR 2019 wrapped 😱

2019 is over! Are you ready to see your own stats and how much love you have given to esports this year? 😍

View YOUR 2019 wrapped

Congrats to device and EliGE 😍

device was the most picked player in 2019 (with 5419 picks). Congrats! And the eMVP for the year is EliGE who gained $7,092,850 points in 2019.

And congrats to Danni Birk Petersen who ended 2019 as number 1 with a total gained value of $39,725,350 See who you picked the most and your rank for 2019.

View your most picked player in 2019

Next big event?

Pro Series is changing and is now called Premier ! The event is now a group play with a massive prize pool over 4,000,000 USD and bigger and longer events. If you think Pro Series was fun to watch - then wait to see Premier.

The first tournament will be in London and will start in January. Create your team today and battle against your friends on this amazing event!